No Adverts

There are no ads on my website because I don't want people to be sceptical about my motives. I'm always disappointed if I realise that a website I'm reading is actually a clever sales pitch for a 'miracle' cure!

I'm not interested in making money from this website, I'm interested in good health and the opportunity to help people (including myself) find different ways to beat colitis into remission. To me, the presence of clickable ads takes away from the positive, genuine feel of a website; although I understand that for some it's a good way to help pay for the time and money they invest.

Facebook Group

I've started a Facebook group where UCers (and CDers or any IBDers for that matter) can ask questions and support each other. I've done this because I believe it's important to communicate, otherwise it can feel like we're fighting IBD on our own. We're not, and there are a lot of very supportive, positive and helpful Colitis sufferers out there.

UCer Facebook Group

Urgency Card

I've designed and produced a plastic credit card style Urgency card which is available to buy. My first idea was to send them out for free but the amount of positive feedback it received (from around the world) made me realise I should order a lot more. Because of this, I worked out the costs and unfortunately I've had to charge a small fee to cover the production/postage (I'm only hoping to cover my costs - NOT to make money).