Ulcerative Colitis FAQs

Colitis FAQs

I often see the same questions popping up on various Ulcerative Colitis groups and forums, so I thought I'd put them on one page to save time and hassle for those UCers with similar questions.

Is it okay to take probiotics with antibiotics?

It can be confusing working out pro and anti biotics, especially with colitis. They're discussed a lot in relation to supplements for IBD. When it comes to the taking of antibiotics and probiotics at the same time, timing is the most important aspect.

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Is it better to take an oral or enema med?

The type of administration depends on where the inflammation is along the colon - the brand of med depends on the severity of the Colitis.

Best type of med administration for the area of inflammation

What's the difference between a Sigmoidoscopy and a Colonoscopy?

The difference is the area of the large colon that each procedure allows the Specialist to see.

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Which foods should I avoid with ulcerative colitis?

Unfortunately there is no definitive list of foods to avoid because Ulcerative Colitis is such an individual diease. On the internet you will find lists of food types which have commonly caused problems, but this doesn't mean they will be a trigger for everyone, so it's best to see those lists as a starting point.

The only real way to find out which foods to avoid in your situation is through trial and error.

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Is it normal to get painful cramps?

Cramps are a very common symptom of Ulcerative Colitis although not everyone experiences them. They generally occur when the large colon is flexing in order to move waste along.

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what does dark coloured blood in my stool mean?

The theory is that the colour of the blood is a result of where it came from in the colon and how long it took to come out. Dark blood has taken longer to exit and therefore is expected to come from further along the colon. However, constipation could mean the blood has not travelled as far along the colon.

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